28th May 2024

Ben Brownson, COO and Hannah Norbury, Executive from Royce Peeling Green accountancy firm share their experience of taking part in the TiPS Foundation accelerator.


“We had several discussions with the TiPS team to further understand the opportunities at hand. Following these conversations, we applied for the Foundation accelerator and were delighted to be accepted. Our core objective for participating in Path A was to gain a deeper understanding of Power Automate.

Being involved with the Foundation accelerator offered us an opportunity to further explore Power Automate. Power Automate is a product within the Microsoft licensing we currently pay for, and one that has been unexplored by our Firm previously. We know that as part of our technological strategy and digital transformation, Power Automate will play a critical part in ensuring The Right People are doing The Right Task at The Right Time. This will make our ways-of-working significantly more efficient from a client perspective and provide enhanced development opportunities for our People.

Given the training and support was fully covered by funding, it was common sense to apply to be part of the first Foundation accelerator cohort.

Taking part in the training helped to reinforce that our strategy to back Microsoft based technology as the core of our current and future ways-of-working was the right idea. Power Automate presents a significant opportunity for both our Firm and our People to accelerate our transformation agenda.

Furthermore, it provided real insight into how other Firms are looking to build and develop their technological foundations. It was great to meet likeminded individuals who are all looking to adopt this technology.

We have subsequently adopted Power Automate in different ways – both for assisting our clients with technological support needs with their own operations and delivering client services in a more efficient manner.

We’d really encourage other Firms who currently have Microsoft licensing to engage with the Foundation accelerator. Power Automate forms part of the license and therefore Firms are already paying for it! If people are not aware of the technology, or would like further education on what it is, TiPS and the Foundation accelerator is the perfect pathway to participate in it”.

Inspired to take part? Applications are now open for the next cohort starting in July – apply here. TiPS Foundational Accelerator – TiPs (tipsaccelerator.co.uk)

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