30th October 2023

TiPS Accelerator Shines at Legal Geek: Championing Innovation Adoption in Law Firms

legal geek

At the recent Legal Geek conference, a significant spotlight was cast on the innovative Technology in Professional Services (TiPS) Accelerator, a research project funded by UK Research and Innovation. Led by the insightful Dr. Tzameret H. Rubin and Stephen Browning, the presentation, held on the 4th of October on the Balloon Stage, was not only a highlight of the event but a pivotal moment for legal tech and innovation.

The Presentation: A Fresh Perspective on Acceleration

The theme of the talk, ‘Supporting Firms to Innovate’, marked a departure from the traditional focus on tech firms in discussions about accelerators. Dr. Rubin and Mr. Browning shifted the conversation towards the crucial aspect of technology adoption by law firms. They emphasised the need for law firms to not just be aware of emerging technologies but to actively integrate them into their practices.

legal geek

The TiPS Accelerator: A Catalyst for Change

The TiPS Accelerator, as presented, is a novel approach aimed at stimulating innovation adoption within the legal sector. It seeks to bridge the gap between the potential of legal tech and its practical application in everyday legal practice. The initiative is particularly significant given its backing by UK Research and Innovation, highlighting the national importance of this endeavour.

Overwhelmingly Positive Response

The reception at Legal Geek exceeded expectations. Attendees, comprising both tech experts and legal professionals, resonated with the message of accelerating adoption. The feedback highlighted a shared recognition of the need for more active engagement with technology in legal practices, validating the importance of the TiPS Accelerator’s mission.


Dr. Rubin and Mr. Browning’s presentation at Legal Geek was more than just a talk; it was a call to action for law firms and a testament to the power of collaborative innovation. The TiPS Accelerator can guide legal firms towards a more technologically advanced and efficient future. With the support and insight provided by initiatives like TiPS, the legal sector is well on its way to embracing a new era of innovation.

As Dr. Rubin aptly put it, the challenge now is not just to discuss innovation but to deliver on it. The success of the presentation at Legal Geek is a promising step in that direction, with TiPS leading the charge in transforming the landscape of legal technology adoption.

Interested in digital adoption for your law firm? Find out more about what’s involved in the TiPS project and submit an expression of interest today.

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