TiPS Proof-of-Concept Accelerator Inception Event

24th - 25th April 2024


The TiPS Proof-of-Concept cohort of eight accounting and law firms met in Birmingham on 24th and 25th April 2024 for a residential inception event. The firms are seeking to accelerate technology-based innovation, for example in creating client dashboards and client self-service solutions, and by developing applications using generative AI and co-pilots. Over a 24-hour period, the 15 representatives of the firms went from being strangers to forming a peer group that will work together over the next eight months to maximise the chance of success for each project.

The induction was designed to help representatives of the eight firms to benefit from:

  • Becoming a peer group. Time was dedicated to not just allow each individual to meet other members of the group, but also to identify shared interests, challenges and areas where mutual support could be provided. By the end of the event, the conversation had moved from concerns about confidentiality to excitement about the peer learning and support that was on offer.
  • Rethinking the challenge of technology adoption in professional services. Through a series of talks and activities, the event helped those present to adjust their thinking about the critical success factors for adoption projects. Attendees heard about the importance of recognising the different perceptions on technology in their firm, the different forms of resistance they will encounter, the messages needed to convince people of the value of technology adoption and the kinds of leadership they will need to demonstrate.
  • Being inspired by the conversations. From guest speakers sharing their experiences of leading technology adoption in professional services, to conversations over meals with fellow participants that provided solutions, guidance and wise counsel, the event helped inspire those present to commit to the journey of adoption in a way that will maximise the chance of success.

Following the residential event, representatives of the eight firms will be meeting in small groups on a regular basis and then as a Proof-of-Concept cohort monthly. The inception event provided a vital opportunity to build the relationships that will allow effective peer learning and support over the course of this technology adoption process.

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