6th December 2023

TiPS Webinar Recording Now Available


Missed the TiPS Webinar? Here’s Your Chance to Catch Up

For those who were unable to attend our TiPS Webinar on 30th November 2023, we have good news! The full recording of this informative session is now available online – this provides an excellent opportunity for professionals in mid-tier and smaller accountancy and law firms to learn about how TiPS can help with digital adoption in their sector.

Webinar Content Overview

The webinar is a comprehensive resource, covering the objectives of the TiPS project and its relevance in today’s professional service industry. The expert speakers have provided detailed insights into TiPS digital adoption strategies and how these can be implemented in your firm.

Why Watch the Recording?

In an industry where digital transformation is increasingly important, this webinar is a valuable resource for professionals seeking to stay ahead. If you’re thinking about submitting an expression of interest in the TiPS project but still aren’t sure what it entails, this recording offers a chance for you to find out more.

Accessing the Webinar Recording

The webinar recording is now accessible to all interested parties. It serves as a practical guide for firms aiming to enhance their technological capabilities and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Watch the webinar recording below:

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