Is any size of firm eligible to take part?


We are happy for any firm to become part of the TiPS community, but participation in TiPS Paths A-C is restricted to firms with twenty or more staff.

TiPS in-person activities may involve travelling. Does TiPS cover these costs?


No, TiPS does not cover travelling costs, but accommodation costs are covered for firms attending the inception event of Path B, Proof-of-Concept acceleration.

Why are some of the TiPS activities carried out as part of a cohort?


For start-up accelerators (as opposed to adoption accelerators) and for many management and innovation programmes run by TiPS partner institutions, peer groups are proven to be a valuable ingredient in enabling learning and development. Such programmes include Productivity through People, Made Smarter, and Evolve Digital.

I am a professional working in an in-house legal/finance team of an organisation, rather than in a law firm or accountancy firm. Can I participate?


We would welcome your involvement in the TiPS community, as the adoption of technology is important in many contexts other than law and accountancy firms, and we would love to hear your views. However, TiPS direct support in Paths A, B and C is only available to law and accountancy firms.

What funding is available for firms applying for Path B Proof-of-Concept acceleration?


If specific new investments are needed to make your project viable, you can bid for TiPS acceleration funding. Typical bids will be in the region of £5-25k, but we will consider any reasonable bid that is supported by a case for the investment. You can request TiPS acceleration funding when you apply for Path B.

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